Sale of companies



We offer ready-made limited liability companies registered in Warsaw.
Such existing companies are a perfect solution for people who respect their time - the acquisition and the launch of activities in its name can take place within one working day.

Companies with a history, including those who do not run a business, can make it easier for you to obtain financing (credit or leasing), grants or allow your business to participate in tenders or other procedures. Companies with a documented history also generate greater trust among contractors.
[table td1="PRICES OF SELECTED COMPANIES:" td2=""]
[td1]Ready-made limited liability company[/td1][td2]2390zł[/td2]
[td1]3-month limited liability company[/td1][td2]2900zł[/td2]
[td1]6-month limited liability company[/td1][td2]3900zł[/td2]
[td1]1 year limited liability company[/td1][td2]5500zł[/td2]
[td1]1.5 year limited liability company[/td1][td2]6900zł[/td2]


  • are fully legal, formed legal entities with a clean history
  • have entries in the relevant court registers and are registered VAT payers
  • have KRS (National Court Register), REGON (National Business Registry) and NIP (Tax Identification Number) numbers/li>
  • never conducted business operations (no debts, contracts and commitments)
  • have a universal company contract
  • have registered capital
  • have met reporting obligations within the National Court Register
  • have a set of tax returns declarations
  • are fully documented


  • Reservation of a company by the Client
  • Preparation of documentation regarding the sale of shares in the company
  • Sale of shares at the notary - 100 PLN cost
  • Transfer of company documentation


  • Adjustment of the company contract - from 350 PLN net
  • Board changes, data updates, preparation of forms to the court - 400 PLN net
  • Setting up a bank account - 300 PLN net
  • We encourage you to remain your company's at the current address and get acquainted with our virtual office services MORE DETAILS >
  • We also offer other services related to conducting businessesMORE DETAILS >

It is possible to purchase a company by correspondence, also using the power of attorney. Please see this page for more information.


We offer companies with concessions and permits as well as assistance in completing licensing formalities for companies with different business profiles.
We offer assistance in obtaining concessions and licenses in the following fields:

  • Transport and shipping
  • Alcoholic beverages trading
  • Fuel trading

We offer registered foreign companies and company registration service in several European Union countries.
Registration of a company abroad opens new markets for entrepreneurs, as well as new opportunities for optimizing and organizing the company's operations.

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