We offer comprehensive accounting and payroll services for one-man business and commercial law firms.
We conduct accounting books in accordance with applicable regulations, each time taking into account the specific nature of the company and reporting requirements for management and supervisory authorities.
The accounting office is licensed by the Ministry of Finance
The accounting office is insured with civil liability insurance

Lump sum settlement from 99zł net

Running Revenues and Expenditures books from 99zł net

Running trading books from 499zł net

Keeping personal files

Settlements with ZUS and tax office

Payroll settlement

Settlement of PIT-11/8B declaration

Preparation of documents for contracts of employment

Employment contract

Fee-for-task agreement

Closing tax year and drawing up balance sheet

Preparation of accounting policies

Establishing a chart of accounts

Request for payment, reminders, interest notes

Correction notes

Payment notices, prompt-notes, interest notes

PCC Declaration

VAT UE Declaration

Cash reports


Every business has a variety of operations related to running a business. They usually consume a lot of time and energy and do not directly affect your revenue. We propose to take over some of them so that you can fully dedicate your work.
We are open for cooperation with foreign entities planning to start operations in Poland.

  • Correspondence service
  • Secretary services
  • Telephone call handling
  • Issuing sales invoices to your contractors
  • Registering purchase invoices and costs
  • Running warehouse management
  • Storage of goods in logistic centers and transport of goods
  • Accounting
  • Acting on behalf of companies with legal entities and registration authorities

In practice, your entity's operation will only involve sending us invoices, receiving monthly reports, consulting fiscal data, and generating accounting data for tax payments.


Thanks to our free consultation, you will be able to choose the legal form of your company tailored to the needs of the newly created entity.
We offer assistance with registration of individual business and commercial law companies.

Registering a company in the National Court Register is a complex and time-consuming process. Thanks to our help, you will be able to carry it out smoothly and by avoiding mistakes, the entire process will be completed in no time.
Company registration process includes:

  • Preparation of the company contract and other necessary documents
  • Preparing a custom contract at the client's request
  • Organization of a meeting with a notary to sign the company agreement
  • Preparation of official forms by our consultants and their submission to the appropriate business court
  • Monitoring of the progress of the company registration process (NIP, REGON, registration)
  • VAT registration at the appropriate tax office
  • Providing full documentation of the company to the owner (a copy of the National Court Register, REGON, VAT)

We offer help in registering a bank account.
If you want to skip the registration stage, you can also purchase one of our ready-made limited liability companies and commence activity within one business day.

In case of smaller companies, we offer assistance with registration of one-man businesses and partnerships at the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity (CEIDG).

The registration process is as follows:

  • Establishing the scope of business, selection of proper PKD (Polish Classification of Activities)
  • Preparation of application for register entry and its submittal
  • Optionally registration of VAT payer
  • Monitoring of registration process
  • Delivery of company documentation to client (registry entry, REGON, VAT)
Determining the scope of changes:

  • Change address or company name
  • Change of partners
  • Changes in share capital
  • Changes in management and representation
  • Change of the scope of activity
  • Preparation of applications
  • Monitoring the status of the application in the National Court Register

All official fees are paid by the customer.
In some cases it may be necessary to change the contract of the company. Our lawyer will make the appropriate entries in the content of the company contract, the cost of such service is 350 PLN net.


For newly established and already functioning trading and catering companies, with different business profiles, also for small and medium networks, we offer consulting services in the area of sales and warehouse management:

  • Recognizing the current needs of the company and its development in the future
  • Adaptation of IT infrastructure (devices, software)
  • Submitting an offer matched in terms of budget and functionality
  • Help in choosing a solution provider and service
  • Assist and control of implementation processes

Agnieszka Szydłowska’s Legal Advice provides comprehensive legal services to individuals and business entities. Services are provided on the basis of a one-time client order and also on the basis of a permanent legal contract.
Legal aid is provided through legal advice, legal opinions, contracts, suits, answers to lawsuits, objections and objections to payment orders and any other pleadings, as well as acting as a proxy in courts and administrations on behalf of the client.

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